BRB expands its Silicone Oil Food Grade range for both food additive and food contact applications in order to meet customer diverse requirements.

BRB has further strengthen its support into this industry with the following expanded product range:

  • BRB Silicone Oil 100 cSt Food Grade
  • BRB Silicone Oil 350 cSt Food Grade
  • BRB Silicone Oil 1000 cSt Food Grade
  • BRB Silicone Oil 12,500 cSt Food Grade
  • BRB Silicone Oil 30,000 cSt Food Grade (new)
  • BRB Silicone Oil 60,000 cSt Food Grade (new)
  • BRB Silicone Oil 100,000 cSt Food Grade (new)

BRB Silicone Oils 350 and 1000 cSt Food Grade are certified Kosher Parve, including Passover. BRB Silicone Oils 350, 1000, 12500, 30000, 60000 and 100000 cSt Food Grade are registered InS H1 as lubricants, anti rust filmsor release agents with incidental food contact

These products are used in the following applications:

  • Antifoam agents in lipophilic systems for the processing of vegetable oil (such as deep-frying oil), meat and poultry (such as fat rendering).
  • Direct food additives in jams, soups, drinks…
  • Surface treatment, anti rust film, release or lubrication agents in the manufacture of food-packaging materials and adhesives, in bottling and canning facilities where incidental contact with food may occur.
  • Base materials in the production of food-grade antifoam compounds or emulsions
  • Processing additives in other applications where a food-grade product is required

For more information, please enquire from your BRB contact.


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