BRB launches high purity Silane for Fibre Glass Industry

BRB Silanil® 919 HP is a reactive chemical containing an aminopropyl organic group and a triethoxysilyl inorganic group (CAS# number 919-30-2), it is designated as gamma-aminopropyltriethoxysilane chemically. Possessing both organic and inorganic reactivity, BRB Silanil® 919 HP could react with organic resins and elastomers as well as with the surface of inorganic materials such as fiberglass and silica fillers. 

Fibre glass

BRB Silanil® 919 HP dissolve immediately in water to form a clear alkaline solution without pH adjustment. It provides very good stability in aqueous solution and acts as an effective coupling agent to modify functional groups on glass filaments when using during sizing process. 

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