BRB International BV through its subsidiary in Malaysia, BRB Silicone Synthesis Sdn Bhd, achieved Halal certification for its range of food grade and personal care Silicone products

BRB has committed to meet customer diverse requirements worldwide by achieving Halal certification from JAKIM Malaysia (Department of Islamic Development) through its subsidiary in Malaysia for its range of food grade and personal care Silicone products. Supplying Halal certified ingredients is essential for countries with Muslim population to ensure only permissible ingredients are used in the manufacturing of food and beverages and personal care products.

BRB Silicone Synthesis Sdn Bhd with its state-of-the-art GMP facilities at Pulau Indah, Port Klang manufactured following range of products that certified with JAKIM’s Halal certification:-

1.      Food grade Silicone Antifoam Compound and Silicone Antifoams (under tradename of Akasil)

2.      Indirect food contact Silicone Emulsions

3.      Personal care Volatile Fluids

4.      Personal care Polymer Fluid Blends (Gum Blends)

5.      Personal care Silicone Emulsions

6.      Personal care Silicone resins

Halal certificate for Technical


Halal certificate for food

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