6 March 2018 – Today the official launch of the Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union (ALMU) took place in Macao, China. The new trade association will serve the Asian lubricant market which is seen as the fastest growing region for lubricant demand.

ALMU strives to unite the Asian lubricant industry around unprecedented challenges such as smarter regulation, manufacturing advancement, quality assurance and speed to market. The region in which ALMU operates includes East Asia, South Asia, North Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

BRB International joined the non-profit membership organization that represents the combined knowledge and expertise of lubricant manufacturers throughout the region. BRB International opened its first Asian Lube oil additives & Chemicals sales office 10 years ago in Singapore.

BRB International manufactures a full range of Lube oil Additive packages and components to formulate finished lubricants and fluids. Additive packages impart new and enhance existing properties that influence the performance of base oils. BRB International offers a wide range of products including viscosity modifiers, engine oil additives, driveline additives, off road additives, hydraulic additives and many more.

BRB Lube oil additives & Chemicals


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