At the paintistanbul Turkcoat 2018, which held in Istanbul Fuar Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkey from March 22nd-24th 2018, BRB ST Kimyasal As showcases latest BRB product range for the silane, paints & coatings and construction market. Visit us at booth no. F330 in Hall 10 at paintistanbul Turkcoat 2018 to explore the world of BRB.

We will showcase the following new products:-

BRB Siloen® HPA 406 is a modified polysiloxane resin emulsion designed to enhance water repellency and beading effect to masonry coatings. It is suitable for siloxane based paints and plasters, silicate paint and plasters, also for high PVC polymer dispersion emulsion coatings. The product shows a low tendency for dirt pick up. BRB Siloen® HPA 406 also suitable as water repellent primer alone or in formulation with polymer dispersion.                                                                

BRB Siloen® LA 271 is a polyether modified silicone specifically designed as levelling and flow additive for paints and inks. It provides also wetting, slip and anti-blocking properties. BRB Siloen® LA 271 is especially suitable for radiation curing and solvent borne system, and also compatible with a wide range of binders such as acrylic, epoxy, vinyl, alkyd, polyester, polyurethane and nitrocellulose.

BRB Silanil® 150 is a reactive chemical containing a propyl (CH3CH2-) organic group and a trimethoxysilyl inorganic group (CAS# number 1067-25-0). It can be used as hydrophobizing agent to treat mineral fillers and pigments. The alkyl chain of propyl group is able to improve compatibility between mineral fillers and organic polymers in application of coatings, adhesives and plastics providing greater dispersion, higher filler loading, better mechanical properties and also lower water uptake.

BRB ST Kimyasal As is the full subsidiary of BRB International BV located in Istanbul, Turkey.

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