Twenty innovative and exciting hair care, skin care and color cosmetics formulations compacted into a A5 size booklet as guide for personal care and cosmetics chemists.

BRB launched the 1st edition of Personal Care Guide Formulation Booklet during In-Cosmetics Global 2018 Amsterdam which contains 7 formulations for hair care, 9 formulations for skin care and 4 formulations for color cosmetics. These formulations are designed based on careful research of personal care and cosmetics market trend for the East and the West, using the smart Silicone ingredients from BRB.

The selection of this 20 formulations has been based on positive feedbacks of our customers in the recent months or years in some cases and is representing a good overview of the potential applications of some of Silicone ingredients out of our range.

We believed this booklet will inspire formulators and chemists in the personal care and cosmetics industry to create and develop products that meet market trend and requirements. Find here the formulation guide.

BRB Silicones for Personal Care… The Power of Smart Ingredients

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