At In-Cosmetics Global 2018 in Amsterdam, BRB will further showcase her new specialty silicones portfolio, with the support of new attractive formulations.

The Silicone elastomer range, known for its exceptional silky-smooth skin feel has been further extended with new references. Used as thickening agent in the preparation of W/O or W/Si formulations, they act as stabilizing agents due to their inherent compatibility with a variety of lipophilic active ingredients and are widely used in skin care, hair care, colour cosmetic, antiperspirant and sunscreen formulation.          

The start of the new synthesis plant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has been a key milestone as well for the expansion of BRB silicone emulsifier and alkyl ranges. It allows BRB to have a competitive and unlimited toolbox to produce a continuously increasing number of dimethicone copolyols, these are well-known formulation aids consisting of a water-insoluble silicone backbone and a water-soluble polyoxyalkylene component and facilitating the formulation of innovative and varied emulsions (water-in-silicone, water-in-oil or silicone-in-water) with texture ranging from lotions to thick cream.

The Alkyl Dimethicone range, consisting of an alkyl group grafted onto a silicone backbone has been further expanded as well. The alkyl dimethicone enhances the compatibility with many organic based cosmetic oil ingredients. Three different alkyl dimethicone are already within the product portfolio, further products being under study:

-       BRB Caprylyl Methicone is a low viscosity product, compatible with most of cosmetic oils and waxes. It provides a light, non-greasy skin feel and improves spreadability.

-       BRB 2835 (INCI: Cetyl Dimethicone) provides excellent lubricity, shine and emolliency to color cosmetics and skin care formulations.

-       BRB 2836 (INCI: Stearyl Dimethicone & Octadecene)is a silicone wax. It melts when contact with skin due to low softening point. It provides excellent emolliency and water resistance to skin care, sun care and color cosmetic formulations.

Finally, BRB 423 is representing the best of both copolyol and alkyl silicone worlds.

The combination of both alkyl (hydrophobic) and polyether (hydrophilic) groups on a silicone backbone allows BRB 423 (INCI: Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone) to be an elegant non-ionic silicone emulsifier, specifically designed to produce water-in-oil emulsions. BRB 423 has great ability to emulsify ester, mineral and vegetable oils, waxes, butters and UV filters. It can emulsify up to 30% of oil content. It is suitable for both hot and cold processed w/o emulsion.  Due to its unique structure, BRB 423 allows to provide versatile textures like white and transparent lotions and cream, gel-creams and rich emulsions.

BRB 423 also acts as a connecting bridge to gap between water-in-oil systems, delivering the benefits of protection, water resistance and elegance attributed to water-in-oil formulations but without giving greasiness of typical water-in-oil systems.

Please visit us on our booth Number K10 at In-Cosmetic Global 2018 to discuss your silicone needs with our specialists.

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