Tuesday, 5 June 2018. Today BRB’s business unit Lube oil Additives & Chemicals attends the annual general meeting of the VSN (Vereniging Smeerolieondernemingen Nederland – Dutch Lubricants Association).

The AGM takes place on the SS Rotterdam, a former ocean liner and cruise ship, that has been a hotel ship in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, since 2010. The meeting entails several topics such as electing the board, discussing the annual report of 2017 and the budget of 2018.  

The VSN (Vereniging Smeerolieondernemingen Nederland) represents the chemical industry in the Netherlands; it includes Dutch companies that produce or sell lubricants and additives. For more information about the VSN, click here

Since BRB International is a Dutch company with the Lube oil Additives & Chemicals business unit producing lube oil additives, we support, and are a member of the VSN.

AGM VSN SS Rotterdam


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