BRB International BV has added Mr. Thorsten Luedtke to its team as Technical Sales Manager for Paint & Coatings. Thorsten will be based in BRB International BV headquarter in Ittervoort, south of Netherlands for promotion of BRB product range for Paint & Coatings industry. He will also responsible for the new Paint & Coatings laboratory for application tests and providing technical solutions to customers.


As graduate of German Fachschule für Lacktechnik (Stuttgart), the state-certified lacquer engineer has 20 years collected experience in research and development of industrial coatings (wood, plastics, metal) and decorative paints / lacquers and made his knowledge available, among other primary medium-sized paint producers, to global players like TEKNOS, MÄDER Group, SHERWIN-WILLIAMS and HESSE-LIGNAL before joining BRB. He is specialized in waterborne 1K, 2K and UV curable coating systems and decorative/silicone resin emulsion/silicate paints, and also serves different divisions of solvent-based coatings as well as stains and vegetarian oils.

“We are very pleased to add Thorsten’s experience and technical expertise in the paint & coatings industry to our sales organization,” said Maurizio Casalini, Global Product Line Manager for Paint & Coatings. “BRB strives to continuously improve our products and technologies to meet changing client and industry demands. Thorsten’s expertise will strengthen BRB position as one of the key players for Silicone chemistry for the paint & coatings industry.”

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