BRB launches new coatings additive BRB Siloen® SMA 284 (slip, mar resistance and anti-blocking agent) and coatings resin BRB Siloen® SR 833 (binder for heat resistance paint).

BRB is proud to announce the official launch of BRB Siloen® SMA 284. BRB Siloen® SMA 284 is an 80% active dispersion of high molecular weight silicone gum. BRB Siloen® SMA 284 is used as additive in waterborne as well in solvent-borne paint where it brings excellent slip, mar resistance and anti-blocking properties. It is specially recommended as slip/mar additive for leather top coating (PU as well as Acrylics) but also useful in wood coating for its anti-blocking properties.

BRB Siloen® SMA 284 can be used as supplied however, considering it is a high solid high viscosity product, it is preferable to pre-dilute in water or in polar solvent to assure better homogenous dispersion. Efficient at low addition amount, BRB Siloen® SMA 284 is preferably added in post addition but can be introduced also at let down stage.

         Window Frame   Wooden Furniture

                        Leather Sofa   Car Seat


BRB Siloen® SR 833 is a new solventless methyl-alkoxy silicone oligomer that can be used as binder for room temperature curing heat resistant paint as well as intermediate to produce silicone/modified organic polymers (product is well suited to modify waterborne acrylics) by condensation reaction. Hybrid Silicone-Organic polymer will show better weatherability as well as improved thermal resistance.

As pure binder, BRB Siloen® SR 833 can be used to produce heat resistant paint with heat resistance from 200°C up to 650°C depending on formulation, that can be cured at room temperature without any baking. Drying time, curing speed as well as final hardness can be managed by selecting the appropriate catalyst system (typically titanates, zirconates, aluminium chelates, cobalt, tin, iron as well as acid like benzene sulphonic acid).

It is possible to formulate 1K system by carefully avoiding moisture in the package (we recommend the addition of a moisture scavenger like BRB Silanil® 276) or 2K system (catalyst as B part maybe with the solvent required to adjust the paint viscosity) for a safer management of in-can paint stability.


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