Yesterday, March 6, the Annual F+L Week Conference opened at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. The technical conference attracts participants from the foremost companies in the industry across Asia and throughout the globe.   

BRB’s business unit Lube oil Additives & Chemicals is the platinum conference sponsor of the Annual F+L Week Conference, held March 6-8. The Annual F+L Week Conference is a technically oriented forum where industry players can come together and discuss the latest industry trends.

2019 is a landmark year for F+L Week as it celebrates its 25th anniversary of the annual fuel and lubricant industry event. Therefore, this year, a nostalgic look at how the industry has developed over the past 25 years is given, by revisiting key markets in the region, and address future fuel and lubricant industry issues and trends over the next 25 years. Please click on the link for more information.

 BRB sponsor F+L Week Singapore 2019


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