BRB’s business unit Lube oil Additives & Chemicals announces a new sales distributor, URAI, for its product portfolio in Italy.

URAI was founded by Armando Giuliani in the immediate post-WWII period with the aim of supplying the Italian chemical industry with chemical products and laboratory equipment that were difficult to find in those days in Italy, contributing, with innovative products, to the technological and quality development of coating, ink and plastic industries. Today, after more than 60 years of activity, other industrial sectors have been added to the more traditional ones: adhesives, rubber, leather, lubricants, paper, construction, automotive, textiles and ceramics. 

URAI’s mission has always been to guarantee their regular customers high-quality products and services and the continued assistance of their technical-commercial personnel. Please click on the link for more information.

“Bringing the experienced sales team of Urai into our group of European distributors will bring us to the next step in professionalizing our service of supplying our Viscosity Index Improvers and Additives packages to the lubricant blenders in Europe and especially Italy", said Chris Pint, European Sales Leader BRB Lube oil Additives & Chemicals. "We are looking forward to a great collaboration and partnership and trust every blender in Italy will be able to take advantage of our common offerings”. 

Marcello Doati, Sales manager Lubricants & Metal working fluids, URAI, is looking forward to the cooperation, "I feel confident about the coperation because BRB is a fast growing chemical company with a very good reputation in the Italian market and with a wide range of top tier additives. I'm pretty sure that the cooperation between URAI and BRB in a few year will boost our and their market share in the Italian market."


URAI official distributor BRB Lube oil Additives & Chemicals

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