At NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2019 in New York, BRB will showcase the benefits of its latest performance silicone portfolio, coupled with various inspirational formulations based on novel customisation concepts.

BRB Color LockBRB Colour Lock offers formulators next generation ‘multitasking’ film formers, based on novel dispersions of trimethylsiloxysilicate. These easy to use raw materials are designed to enhance modern lipsticks, mascaras and eye enhancing products. BRB Colour Lock holds fast vibrant colours for durable, class-leading rub-off and transfer resistance. Its flexible, breathable chemistry ensures it delivers the most comfortable colour cosmetics for perfect eyes, lips and skin. 

BRB will introduce its new Formulation concept around Customized Cosmetics. This conceptdelivers an optimized formulating experience and personalized solutions enabling consumers to tailor their individual beauty and styling preferences.  BRB can help you deliver astonishing results to achieve perfect skin complexion and hair conditioning results. The BRB Customized Cosmetic system hosts two base fluids, one for hair, the other for skin, plus a range of complimentary and simple to combine boosters to deliver the perfectly finished outcome. 

BRB International is aligned and ready to support your formulation related questions, particularly in respect of regulatory proposals, cited by the ECHA, restricting permitted levels of D4, D5 and D6 and their inclusion in the SVHC Candidate List. 

You are invited to visit us on our stand no. 228 at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2019, to discuss your personal care needs with our specialists. 

BRB Silicones for Personal Care… The Power of Smart Ingredients

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