BRB Silanil® 145 is a reactive chemical containing a methacryl-reactive group and a dimethoxysilyl group (CAS# number 14513-34-9). It possesses both organic and inorganic reactivity and thus enabling reaction with organic thermoset resins and inorganic minerals such as glass and silica.

The  Dimethoxy group in BRB Silanil®145 having better stability after hydrolysis as compared to similar silane with Trimethoxy group where products treated with BRB Silanil®145 tends to provide a straight-chain structure. It is used as coupling agent for enhancement of dry and wet strength of fiberglass reinforced unsaturated polyester and other composites made of unsaturated polyester such as artificial marble. It is also an efficient crosslinker for acrylic based resins where it improves scrub resistance and durability of coatings and adhesives. 

BRB Silanil® 145 is soluble in methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, acetone, benzene, toluene, and xylene. For water solubility, BRB Silanil® 145 is soluble in water after hydrolysis by adequate stirring in water under pH 4 condition.

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