The 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility report describes the impact of BRB International, headquartered in Ittervoort (the Netherlands), in the areas of people, planet and profit, also known as the triple bottom line.

In 2017, BRB published its first CSR report to show our business partners that sustainability and taking social responsibility is important to BRB. During 2018, a team of employees initiated and executed several actions to improve our footprint and to better understand the impact of the organization on sustainability aspects. The results of these efforts are presented in our 2018 CSR report, which concerns the activities of BRB in the Netherlands.”

In 2018, the following few key actions were carried out:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the total footprint of BRB by incorporating all activities and buildings in the reporting.
  • Incorporating CSR into supplier’s assessments and in contract negotiations.
  • Using more energy efficient equipment when replacing materials.
  • Promoting CSR in the supply chain by incorporating it in the contracts with forwarders.

“Corporate Social Responsibility is important for the continuity of our company and the continuity of sustainable relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and society.” (Ralph Pinckaers, CEO)

Interested in the BRB International CSR report of 2018? Click here.

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