BRB Silanil® 299, a reactive alkoxysilane containing trimethoxysilyl inorganic group and phenyl group. It is easily hydrolyzed by water and moisture in the atmosphere by changing the trimethoxysilyl inorganic group into three reactive silanol groups which bond inorganic substances and also able to crosslink each other to from network or bigger molecule.  The phenyl group able to withstand oxidation and reduction and thus provides thermal stability and also hydrophobic character to the modified products. The hydrolysis reaction of phenyltrimethoxysilane is faster than phenyltriethoxysilane.

PhenyltrimethoxysilaneBRB Silanil® 299 found specific use in following application:-

Hydrophobizing agent for mineral fillers and pigments - The phenyl group of BRB Silanil® 299 is able to improve compatibility between mineral fillers and organic polymers in application of coatings, adhesives and plastics providing greater dispersion, higher filler loading, better mechanical properties and also lower water uptake. 

Sol-gel application - BRB Silanil® 299can be used as a precursor for sol-gel process. Itcan be also used together with other alkoxysilanes such as methyltrimethoxysilane. 

BRB Silanil® 299is also used as a component in the production of silicone polymers and other organosilicon substances.

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