BRB is proud to announce the official launch of BRB Siloen® SR 385FD, a medium hardness Methyl-Phenyl resin supplied at 50 % solid in xylene, designed to produce non-stick coating materials that in contact with foodstuff. It is suitable for non-sticking bakery pans (bread, rusks, biscuits, cakes, etc.) and non-stick coatings (toaster, grills, BBQs, etc).

Non-stick panBRB Siloen® SR 385FD is chemically inert, easy to use and with heat stability up to 650°C in combination with aluminum or micaceous iron pigments. It is in compliance with BfR recommendation XV Silicones and FDA Regulation21 CFR 175.300 chapter (b) (3) (xxviii).

BRB Siloen® SR 385FD offers the following features:-

  •  Very good balance between hardness (medium) and flexibility
  • Very good heat resistance alone and/or pigmented
  • Dry tack at room temperature
  • Good release performances


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