BRB North America, Inc., a full subsidiary of BRB International BV, appoints United Mineral & Chemical Corp (UMC) for sales distribution of silicone product portfolio for paint, coatings, inks and construction chemicals for the East of the Rockies USA territories as of April 1st, 2020.

UMC logoFounded in 1941 in Manhattan, amid of World War II, by Lipetz brothers from Eastern Europe as importer and distributor of Raw Mica Splitting’s, a strategic ingredient for household insulator and military weapons. UMC later expanded business to electronic, semi-conductor, plastic and paint & coatings industries.

In mid-1980, UMC was acquired by ICD Group International and relocated to Lynhurst, New Jersey. Since then, UMC increased extensively in the product ranges and served multiple industries including electrical, electronic, semi-conductor, plastic, paint & coatings, construction, personal care, food & beverages and water treatment.

“With the appointment of UMC, we will be strategically positioned to meet the current and future demands of paint, coatings, inks and construction chemicals industries in USA,” said Michel Bassens, Sales Leader for BRB North America, Inc.

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