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BRB Silicone appoints Newtrac Trading Ltd for distribution in Egypt


BRB ST Kimyasal, a full subsidiary of BRB International BV, appoints Newtrac Trading Ltd. for sales distribution of silicone product portfolio for paint & coatings and construction in Egypt as of October 1st, 2019.

Successful BRB APAC distributor meeting in Singapore


The first week of December, the APAC distributor meeting of the Lube oil Additives and Chemicals business unit took place in Singapore.

BRB launches new silicone resin BRB Siloen® SR 385FD for food release


BRB is proud to announce the official launch of BRB Siloen® SR 385FD, a medium hardness Methyl-Phenyl resin supplied at 50 % solid in xylene, designed to produce non-stick coating materials that in contact with foodstuff. It is suitable for non-sticking bakery pans (bread, rusks, biscuits, cakes, etc.) and non-stick coatings (toaster, grills, BBQs, etc).

BRB launches new silicone antifoam Akasil® Antifoam 3107


Akasil® Antifoam 3107 is an aromatic solvent based silicone antifoam with active content of 30%. It is a highly effective solvent based antifoam specifically designed for defoaming applications in refinery operations.

BRB launches new silane BRB Silanil® 164


BRB Silanil® 164, a reactive alkylalkoxysilane containing a long alkyl chain of -C16H33 (hexdecyl) and trimethoxysilyl inorganic group. The hexadecyl group of BRB Silanil® 164 is a hydrophobic hydrocarbon chain delivering excellent water repellency features, thus it is used to modify the surface of construction materials, e.g. concrete and inorganic masonry substrates, to form a protective surface surrounding inorganic particles. These long alkyl chains also improve the dispersability of fillers in organic paints and polymers when it is used as hydrophobizing agent on fillers which improved the mechanical properties.

BRB launches new silane BRB Silanil® 299


BRB Silanil® 299, a reactive alkoxysilane containing trimethoxysilyl inorganic group and phenyl group. It is easily hydrolyzed by water and moisture in the atmosphere by changing the trimethoxysilyl inorganic group into three reactive silanol groups which bond inorganic substances and also able to crosslink each other to from network or bigger molecule.  The phenyl group able to withstand oxidation and reduction and thus provides thermal stability and also hydrophobic character to the modified products. The hydrolysis reaction of phenyltrimethoxysilane is faster than phenyltriethoxysilane.

BRB at in-cosmetics Asia 2019


At in-cosmetics Asia 2019 in Bangkok, BRB will co-exhibit with our partner Forecus Thailand and continue to showcase new specialty silicones portfolio, with the support of new innovative formulations.

BRB at SEPAWA 2019


For the first attendance as exhibitor at SEPAWA, BRB Silicones will present its silicone portfolio for Car and Home Care as well as Personal Care markets.

BRB Silicone appoints Quimica Anastacío for distribution in Brazil


BRB South America, a full subsidiary of BRB International BV, appoints Quimica Anastacío for sales distribution of silicone product portfolio for personal care in Brazil as of January 1st, 2019.

BRB participated in Stockmeier Chemie’s Home Care Day 2019


Stockmeier Chemie GmbH & Co Kg, our dedicated business partner for Germany, has organized HOME CARE DAY 2019 for their customers in the detergents and cleaners industry in Product Development and Marketing department at their Lenkwerk Bielefeld headquarter on September 13th, 2019. This is a full day symposium on latest ingredients and formulations for detergents and cleaners industry by Stockmeier’s key principals, i.e. Wheatoleo, KLK Oleo, Estichem, Ashland, Innospec and BRB International.

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