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A subsidiary of PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad(PCG).

BRB is a globally operating independent manufacturer of future-oriented silicones, lube oil additives and other specialty chemicals. Our innovation strategy focuses on anticipating the needs and wishes of the customers and industries we serve – and developing cutting-edge technologies to meet them. We consistently build solid, long-term relationships with our partners and customers. As a subsidiary of the PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad, BRB now has even greater global presence and innovation resources.

Since our beginning as a small business in 1981, BRB has grown vigorously to become an international corporation with over 400 employees at 16 locations. BRB is now one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers and suppliers of specialty silicones, core intermediates and silanes. We offer a comprehensive range of silicone-based products, serving many different applications, with the aim to enhance everyday life. Lube oil additives, including solutions for cutting-edge viscosity modifier technologies, represent a further focal point of our portfolio. Customers worldwide count on us to help keep them at the forefront of innovation and ahead of their competitors.

Efficiency and sustainability

Derived from sand, Silicone is a unique material which is durable and versatile due to its thermal stability, low chemical reactivity, ultraviolet and ozone resistance, low toxicity and unsusceptible to microbial growth provide a natural choice of material for efficiency and sustainability.

This is fully aligned with the PETRONAS statement of purpose, “A progressive energy and solutions partner enriching lives for a sustainable future.”

Future-proof solutions

The statement also reflects our long-held core values, as well as our vision and growth strategy. BRB continues to evolve and respond with agility to a rapidly changing environment, enabling our customers and our company to stay future-proof. We not only respond to current needs and wishes, but actually anticipate future demands and develop solutions customers don’t know even know of yet.

Our customer-centric mindset and enthusiasm for delivering excellent solutions for a better future show in everything we do – from the safe and motivating work environment we provide for employees and the sustainable state-of-the-art plants we operate to our care for the environment. Accordingly, BRB has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with positive social impact and adherence to business ethics and corporate governance.

This in a nutshell is what we mean when we say, “BRB – Passionate about Progress.”

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