Food and Beverages

BRB Akasil® range of food grade Silicone based foam control agent is a safe and economical way to eliminate unwanted foam generated in food processing, thanks to their inertness and low level of toxicity. These food-grade foam control agents comply with European and FDA regulations and are Halal and Kosher certified. BRB food release agents provide effective demolding in baking and cooking processes.

Food and Beverages
Silicones are used at all stages in the food processing cycle: from large-scale industrial facilities and restaurants to home cooking, as well as in food packaging and labeling. Characteristics like easy to use, safe in handling and application, odourless and with no alteration of the food properties; Silicones are the best material for food processing needs.

BRB manufacture Silicone based antifoams and defoamers and silicone release agents that are used by food and beverage industry as processing aids and direct food additives.

BRB Akasil® Antifoam FD and PS series comprise siloxane emulsions at 10%, 20% and 30% active levels. They are formulated for use in any applications where food processing considerations apply, for instance, vegetable and fruit washing, meat processing, in-line cleaning practice and food-grade adhesive formulation. Akasil® Antifoam FD and PS series meet the highest level of regulatory approval, for example FDA Chapter 21, CFR173.340 and meets European H1, Kosher and Halal certification.

BRB Sempure 357 and 607 with 30% and 60% active levels are widely used as Silicone based food grade releasing agent for a wide range of food processing applications: release agent for food packaging materials; release agent for bakery, batter and frying applications; release agent for food and beverage containers and lubricant in the food processing industry.

BRB Siloen® 385D designed to produce non-stick coating materials are that in contact with foodstuff. It is suitable for non-sticking bakery pans (bread, rusks, biscuits, cakes, etc.) and non-stick coatings (toaster, grills, BBQs, etc). It complies with BfR recommendation XV Silicones and FDA Regulation21 CFR 175.300 chapter (b) (3) (xxviii).

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