Silicone Elastomer Formulator

With an extensive experience in silicones and a global sales network, BRB is the largest independent producer in the world who gained a unique supplier position in supplying quality and costs competitive raw materials to silicone elastomer formulators.

Silicone Elastomer Formulator
BRB supplies a comprehensive range of silicone products to elastomer formulators, whether for addition or condensation cure formulation. Products range from base polymer, silicone hydride, additives, base and platinum catalyst.
  • Dual and mono Vinyl-terminated dimethylpolysiloxanes available in a range of viscosities and vinyl contents. Also meets the cyclo siloxane content (D4/D5/D6) of <1000 ppm each. For condensation cure formulation, we offer silanol functional fluid available in different viscosities ranging from 40 to 6000 cSt.
  • Silicone hydride fluid where the functional group (hydride) is pendant, terminal and or both to increase the crosslinking density. Available in different viscosities and hydride content. For condensation cure formulation, please refer to our Silane products for a range of crosslinkers and adhesion promoters.
  • Vinylated MQ resins to improve mechanical properties whilst maintaining transparency of elastomer. Available in different viscosities and vinyl content and customisation is available upon request.
  • Silicone base compounded with silica for ease of use to avoid handling of silicas. Two grades available with cured hardness of Shore A 50 and 60.
  • Platinum (Karstedt) catalyst available in 1% weight disperse in vinyl fluid.

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