BRB masters the key technologies in the textile and leather auxiliary market for softening, hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, wetting and foam control.

Textile and leather auxiliaries benefit from the application of silicone-based solutions providing unique benefits:

• Fabric softening
• Water repellency
• Water absorbency
• Silky and bouncy hand feel
• Fabric slickness
• Durability
• Flexibility
• Abrasion resistance
• Leveling, wetting improvement
• Foam control in alkaline and surfactant rich media

BRB provides a wide silicone-based tool box of solutions to the textile and leather industry:

• Standard amino-functional silicones
• Modified hydrophilic amino silicones
• Silicone polyethers
• Silicone Oils
• Silanol fluids
• Silicone resins
• Alkyl silicones
• Macro and micro emulsions of the above products
• Silicone antifoams