BRB B300 – Easy, time saving reinforcement for addition cure RTV-2 Formulations
27 January 2023

Do you need some reinforcement for your RTV-2 formulation?

If you've ever worked with fumed silica, you know that it can be a really dusty experience!

Multiple additions are needed to get the required amount of silica into the batch. Save yourself time and money by using BRB B300 in your formulation.

BRB B300 is a pre-dispersed mixture of vinyl silicone polymer and reinforcing silica filler. It increases the mechanical properties, eliminates silica dust and speeds the mixing process.

Best of all it's offered by BRB, a global supplier of silicone products for formulator. BRB has a complete package of components for formulating your unique addition cured RTV-2 products.

Check out the full details – technical date sheet for BRB B300.

Don't go to your competitors for your formulation needs, go to BRB!

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