BRB Caprylyl Methicone - provides superior emollience, detackification and smoothness for cosmetic formulations
01 December 2023

BRB Caprylyl Methicone, an alkyl silicone specifically developed for optimal compatibility with a wide array of organic cosmetic ingredients, delivers a transformative impact on your formulations.

This exceptional alkyl silicone bestows a luxurious suppleness, infusing a velvety and light sensation upon the skin. With a moderate volatility, BRB Caprylyl Methicone significantly reduces the greasiness inherent in vegetable oils, effectively decreasing stickiness and tackiness of your formula. Its’ remarkable affinity for waxes and oils elevates the sensory experience of your natural ingredients.

It imparts shine, and keeps skin moisturized with no occlusive effect.

BRB Caprylyl Methicone is an excellent pigment dispersant. It contributes to properly homogenize pigments within your formulation and thus conferring a superb colour coverage.

Numerous scientific articles reveal that quality of sunscreen products can be improved by increasing ability to spread and pleasure to use. BRB Caprylyl Methicone reduces surface tension of organic oils, which results into a superior spreadability. Its great ability to distribute UV filters on your skin as well as its elegant touch sets up the perfect SPF booster for your sun care product.
Caprylyl Methicone (Skin Care, Color Cosmetics and Sun Care)
Oil & waxes compatibility
Great spreadibility
Pigment dispersant
Gives shine
Keeps skin moisturised with no occlusive effect
Reduce tackiness, greasiness and stickiness
Reduce surface tension of organic oils (spreadibility)
Enhance sensory of natural ingredients
Great ability to distribute UV filters: SPF booster
Moderate volatility

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