BRB Color Lock - a new film former for long lasting effects providing a flexible film and preventing cracking
11 August 2023

BRB Color Lock is a new film former based on the established silicone MQ resin technology in a unique formulation to improve the flexibility of the film. BRB Color Lock has been specially designed to formulate a wide range of color cosmetic applications such as lipstick, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow and foundation.

A film flexibility study has been carried out to assess the influence of stretch on the performance and flexibility of two lipsticks, containing classic MQ resin versus BRB Color Lock.

After stretching 1 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm, results showed micro cracking formed on Color Lock formula fully recovered when extension is removed.

Sample A 
Benchmark (50% MQ Resin dilution), 35% into the lipcolor
Sample B
BRB Color lock, 35% into the lipcolor
Severe cracking is observed after 3 cm stretch on sample A versus micro cracks on sample B.

No cracking seen on sample B after stretching. Cracks remain after extension on A

  • X1000 NB Photographs
  • Surphace: latex band
  • Tests performed by our partner Azelis

BRB Color Lock provides following benefits:-

• High flexible film
• Uniform coverage
• Long lasting colour fixation
• Dry feeling reduction
• Crack effect prevention
• Wash off and rub off resistance
• Fast film forming effect due to high volatile carrier

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