BRB launches BRB Siloen® DA 293 and BRB Siloen® SR 619 for coatings and construction
30 November 2021

BRB releases new siloxane-based antifoam BRB Siloen® DA 293 and silane-siloxane based concentrate BRB Siloen® SR 619 intended for coating and construction industries.

BRB Siloen® DA 293

BRB Siloen® DA 293 is a siloxane-based antifoam designed for waterborne high PVC architectural paints (PVC of 60-85%) and for aqueous adhesives. It is a cost effective alternative to mineral oil based defoamer, highly effective and easy to disperse.

Typical addition level in architectural paints is between 0,1 to 0,5% w/w as supplied in the total formulation.

BRB Siloen® SR 619

BRB Siloen® SR 619 is silane-siloxane based solvent dilutable tin catalyst free concentrate. It is used as impregnating agent for construction materials to bring water repellency and long-lasting weathering protection.

BRB Siloen® SR 619 has to be diluted in solvent in between 1:11 up to 1:15 in the appropriate solvent (white spirit or anhydrous isopropanol in case application is in proximity of solvent sensitive material such as PVC windows) before the application, depending on the absorption/porosity of the substrate.

BRB Siloen® SR 619 has very good resistance to alkali and it is suitable for any porous mineral substrate including concrete.

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