BRB mono-functional Vinyl Silicone Fluids provide multiple benefits for Thermal Interface Material
12 July 2023

In many applications, Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is necessary to keep electronics packages from overheating. Many thermally sensitive electronics are also somewhat delicate and cannot tolerate high mechanical stresses, particularly when interconnects and conductors are becoming smaller. Whether one is dispensing a TIM or placing a fabricated pad it is important to maintain low stress on the electronics.

One method for achieving low stress in a highly filled thermally conductive silicone is to use a plasticizer. Unfortunately this approach leads to plasticizer migration, particularly when exposed to thermal cycling.

BRB offers a solution: mono-functional silicone polymers that can effectively plasticize the formulation and lower viscosity of the uncured material as well as reduce the hardness of the cured material, all without fear of plasticizer migration.

BRB offers several viscosities of mono-functional Vinyl Silicone Fluids:-

Product name
Viscosity (cSt)
Volatile content
Vinyl content (mmol/g)
BRB Mono Vinyl 500
0.5% wt
0.07 – 0.10
BRB Mono Vinyl 1000
0.5% wt
0.05 – 0.08
BRB Mono Vinyl 2000
0.5% wt
0.04 – 0.065
BRB Mono Vinyl 10000
0.5% wt
0.02 – 0.04
Test this material in your formulation and see how it can lower viscosity of dispensed TIM and reduce the hardness of the cured filled polymer.

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