BRB North America exhibits at NYSCC Suppliers Day 2023
19 April 2023

BRB will continue to showcase the benefits of its latest performant silicone portfolio, coupled with various new inspirational formulations based on novel concepts.

BRB presents the concept of MEET (Multifunctional, Elegance, Exceptional and Texture) at NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2023. Through MEET, silicones will enhance the personal care formulations, both in term of efficacy and sensory while minimizing the impact on the environment and maximizing results on your formula.

We focused on four major elements:
  • Multifunctional- Formulation that holds variety of benefits and simplifying beauty routine;
  • Elegance- Fine and pleasant skin feel;
  • Exceptional- Extraordinary skin sensory;
  • Texture – Innovative texture brings excitement to consumers to enjoy their daily routine.

Based on this concept, BRB has developed 6 new formulas:
  • Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
  • Comforting Lavender Body Lotion
  • Dream Mousse Cream Blush
  • Souffle Liquid Cream Lipstick
  • 3-in-1 Magic Hair Cream
  • 3-in-1 Magic Hair Oil

BRB strongly believes this concept can bring benefits to our customer and respect our mother earth at the same time.

Please visit us at stand 204 to discuss your personal care needs with our specialists.

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