BRB North America returns to American Coatings Show 2022
30 March 2022

BRB North America returns to American Coatings Show 2022 at Indianapolis, USA from April 5th – 7th.

BRB North America will showcase the following products from our extensive range of coating & ink additives:-

          • BRB Siloen® WA 264 - a polyether modified siloxane for aqueous coatings with excellent wetting and              levelling properties
          • BRB Siloen® WA 265 - an organo-modified trisiloxane which provides outstanding surface tension                  reduction and super spreading properties to any aqueous solution
          • BRB Siloen® LA 271 - a glycol-modified silicone fluid which works as an additive for ink and coating                applications with good substrate wetting and slip
          • BRB Siloen® SMA 283 - a polyether-modified siloxane as additive for waterborne and solvent                            coatings with excellent slip, smoothness and anti-crater effect

You are invited to visit us on our stand 1274 to discuss your needs for coating and ink additives with our specialists.

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