BRB Silicone appoints Airedale Chemical for distribution in United Kingdom
07 January 2020

BRB International BV appoints Airedale Chemical Company Limited for sales distribution of antifoam product portfolio for water treatment, food & beverage, fermentation, cleaning and agrochemical industries in United Kingdom as of November 13th 2019.

Airedale Chemical is a family owned, West Yorkshire-based company. Established in 1973, the company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of commodity chemicals, polymers, surfactants, phosphates and phosphonates to an extensive range of market sectors across the UK and Europe. The manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited which covering operations such as mixing, blending, chemical reaction and chemical product development.

“Our existing and new customers will feel added value from the extended range of quality products from BRB and being able to access technical support direct from the manufacturer. We’re now also able to provide enhanced high-technology antifoam matching services where existing products can be sampled and we can recommend the best products available,” explained Daniel Marr, Commercial Director of Airedale Chemical.

Marc Ballmann, Account Manager for BRB International, said: “This partnership with Airedale Chemical will provide us with an even greater UK presence. It has a 20-strong fleet of fully-owned, specially designed vehicles which will provide a truly reliable delivery service and confidence of supply. We will also be utilizing the established sales team which will support our growth in the UK and has a proven record of longevity in the market.”

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