BRB Silicone appoints Barentz North America for distribution in USA and Canada
13 April 2022

BRB North America, Inc., a full subsidiary of BRB International BV, appoints Barentz North America, LLC for sales distribution of silicone product portfolio for paint, coatings, inks and construction chemicals for USA and Canada as of December 1st, 2021. .

Founded in 1953 in Amsterdam by Herman Barentz with the distribution of Roquette range of products, Barentz has grown into a world class supplier of life science ingredients and specialty chemicals focused on improving the quality and length of life.
Barentz serves multiple industries including Human & Animal Nutrition, Personal Care, CASE & Plastics, Household Care, Industrial & Institutional Cleaning, Pharmaceuticals, and Specialty Intermediates. This includes customers that manufacture products from cosmetics to automotive coatings, plastic bottles to craft brews, pharmaceuticals to computer chips.

Barentz acquired Maroon Group in December 2020 and this acquisition of Maroon Group expands Barentz' activities and is aligned with Barentz' strategy to become a global leader in the life science and broader specialty chemical industries. Maroon Group was BRB North America’s appointed distributor prior to this acquisition and the distributorship continues with Barentz from December 2021.

“With the appointment of Barentz North America, we will be strategically positioned to meet the current and future demands of paint, coatings, inks and construction chemicals industries in USA and Canada,” said Michel Bassens, Sales Leader for BRB North America, Inc.

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