BRB Silicone launches BRB Siloen MXP5
13 July 2020

BRB Siloen® MXP5 is a highly effective Silane based water repellent additive in powder form. It has been designed to enhance water repellency and water resistance of cementitious construction material such as premixed plasters and mortars.

Formulation containing Siloen® MXP5 shows low water absorption, good beading effect, lower soiling tendency and long lasting protection.

BRB Siloen® MXP5 is preferably to be used as dry additive but also in slurry process like pre-casted non load bearing concrete parts, fibre cement, calcium silicate board as well as aerated concrete. BRB Siloen® MXP5 develops best performances in alkaline medium in between pH 11 to 12.

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