BRB Silicones launches innovative Hand Sanitization Gel Formulations
19 June 2020

BRB Personal Care team studied with a systematic approach the way to significantly improve hand sanitizing gels by adding suitable silicone ingredients. The output is a selection of good candidates and formulations answering the unmet needs of traditions ethanol based gels and providing specific benefits such as: superior skin after-feel; smooth, soft and non-tacky; and good moisturization on top of perfect crystal-clear appearance. Those formulations are a significant improvement to standard formulations using glycerin and propylene glycol.

With the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, hand cleansing and sanitization are key steps to fight against the disease. Washing with soap and water is recognized as the most effective manner to remove germs and viruses on hands, but in the absence of any such options, using a hand sanitizer, with at least 60% alcohol, can help avoid spreading the viruses and sickness to others. Whilst hand sanitizer has useful advantages of portability and convenience, especially when on the go, many formulations suffer undesirable side-effects. Skin dryness, irritation and defatting leading to quite sticky and an uncomfortable after-feel are widely reported.

Most formulators are adding simple moisturizers such as glycerin or propylene glycol to mitigate the problem but significantly lose on the skin-feel.

The Approach: Through a systematic approach, BRB has explored the formulation space of hydroalcoholic-based hand sanitizing gels to:
  • Optimize the ingredients ratioPseudo-tertiary graph
  • Screen silicone ingredients delivering superior skin after-feel versus classical gels containing glycerin and propylene glycol
  • Confirm skin care performance benefits through physical and panel testing
  • Maintain a crystal-clear appearance
  • Validate an easy production process

The outcome of an extensive study has allowed BRB to significantly improve the hand sanitizing gels sensory and identify innovative formulation routes to match specific expectations.

Interested to know more about how to improve your hand sanitizing gel?

Simply drop an email to and we will be more than happy to share more data and solutions.

The global COVID-19 pandemic is a major challenge for the humankind. BRB is committed to doing everything we can to meaningfully support customers and partners in this period.

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