BRB Silicones launches new masonry water repellent BRB Siloen® 5022 WR
13 January 2023

BRB Siloen® 5022 WR is a newly developed masonry water repellent-based Silane/siloxane emulsion. It has been designed to provide fast and robust beading effect, on top of premium water repellent performance and depth of penetration.

BRB Siloen® 5022 WR is suitable for use on mineral substrates such as bricks sand-lime, sandstone, mineral plasters, aerated concrete, fibre cement boards as well as non-load bearing concrete.

It can be also used as water repellent primers for emulsion paints and plasters, siloxane paints and plasters.

Picture shows the beading effect achieved on cement base mortar after an hour from the application (dilution 1:9 in demineralized water).

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