BRB Silicones launches specialty silicones BRB SF 1802 for Car Care
02 February 2023

BRB SF 1802 is a low viscosity amino alkyl functional polydimethylsiloxane. It is a curable and non-reactive amino silicone which, compared to its reactive counterparts, exhibits increased storage stability. BRB SF 1802 is designed for use in Car Care applications; however, it can also be used in Home Care formulations.

In Car Care application, BRB SF 1802 is used in paint protection formulations to provide hydrophobicity, high gloss and good durability. BRB SF 1802 can be combined also with reactive silicones to formulate glass sealants. Due to its low viscosity and low surface tension, BRB SF 1802 is very easy to apply and wipes off effortlessly, without smearing.

When compared to standard silicone oils, BRB SF 1802 exhibits excellent affinity to various substrates. This characteristic is the main reason of the increased durability of amino silicone-based coatings. As BRB SF 1802 leaves the treated surface very smooth, it makes it difficult for dirt to stick to it and a simple rinse with water is sufficient to remove most of the contaminants.

Guide Formulation: Spray Sealant for Painted Surfaces
Dosage (%)
BRB SF 1802
BRB SF 315
BRB Silicone Oil 2 cSt
Acetic Acid
Isopropyl Alcohol
add to 100%
Mix all ingredients homogenously under low shear. Adjust pH to 5-6.
  1. Spray some products onto a microfiber towel.
  2. Spread a thin coat on a clean and dry panel.
  3. Allow to cure for 5-10 minutes and then wipe off with another microfiber towel.
  4. Avoid contact of the treated surface with water for another 12-24 hours.

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