BRB Silicones showcases novel silane, additive, resin and water repellent at European Coatings Show 2023
09 February 2023

BRB Silicones will showcase following novel silane, additive, resin and water repellent at European Coatings Show 2023:-

BRB Silanil® 533 ESO, an epoxy functional silane oligomer containing gamma-glycidoxy groups and methoxy groups. It provides less emission of methanol upon hydrolysis and better stability for water-based coatings, when comparing with monomeric epoxy silanes.

BRB Silanil® 1479, a silane co-oligomer between diamino functional and alkyl functional silane. It is widely used as adhesion promoter between amino-reactive resins and inorganic substrates which diamino group improves adhesion performance, while alkyl chain side enhances hydrophobicity.

BRB Silanil® 260, an epoxy silane which contains reactive glycidoxy and triethoxysilyl inorganic group. It possesses both organic and inorganic reactivity that allows it to react with or "couple" organic polymers and inorganic surfaces.

BRB Siloen® 5022 WR, a masonry water repellent-based Silane/siloxane emulsion. It is designed to provide fast and robust beading effect, premium water repellent performance and depth of penetration.

BRB Siloen® LA 271, a silicone polyether based surface modifier additive for coatings. It gives excellent levelling properties, good substrate wetting, strong slip and anti-blocking at low addition level.

BRB Siloen® SR 833, a 100% active methyl alkoxy silicone resin designed for RT curing heat resistant paint. Alkoxy group in the presence of a catalyst reacts with ambient humidity and crosslinking into a hard dry film within minutes.

Visit us at Hall 1, Stand 1-203 at European Coatings Show in Nuremberg to discuss your coatings needs with our specialists.

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