BRB Siloen SR 619 - Solvent dilutable alkylsilane/siloxane based water repellent for masonry
30 May 2024

BRB Siloen® SR 619 is intended as impregnating agent for mineral and highly alkaline building materials, and as a primer for building materials. It features high resistance to alkalinity, very good water repellency, good depth of penetration, easy dilutable in solvents, and tin catalyst free.

BRB Siloen® SR 619 is very suitable for porous mineral building materials such as fired clay bricks (terracotta), sand lime brickwork, cement and concrete substrate including cement fiberboards, aerated concrete, mineral (silicic composition) natural and artificial stone, and mineral plaster and paints. It offers fast development of water repellency and little or no influence on the appearance of the substrate.

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