Glycol-modified silicone BRB Siloen LA 271 designed for solvent and radiation curing systems
04 March 2024

BRB Siloen® LA 271 is a 100% active Silicone Polyether based coatings additive. It has been designed to improve levelling and slip without impacting gloss and provides mar resistance to the coatings .

BRB Siloen® LA 271 is broadly compatible with acrylic, alkyd, amide, epoxy, nitrocellulose, polyester, vinyl and polyurethane system. It is especially suitable for UV inks application, solvent based industrial applications and in the synthetic leather coatings but it can be also used for waterbased applications, despite it is only partially soluble in water.

BRB Siloen® LA 271 is recommended to be added in the let down stage or post added.

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