High performance wetting agent BRB Siloen WA 264
16 August 2023

BRB Siloen® WA 264 is a hydrolytically stable substrate wetting additive based on Polyether siloxane technology. It is designed for water-based coatings, overprint varnishes, printings inks as well as adhesive adhesives.

BRB Siloen® WA 264 provides a considerable reduction of surface tension thus improving the substrate wetting. It shows a good hydrolytically stability and can be used in a pH range in between 4 to 10 without noticeable degradation of the surface tension.

BRB Siloen® WA 264 is particularly suitable for system not containing co-solvents. It has limited or no foam stabilization and it doesn’t impact the intercoat adhesion (recoatability). Also it doesn’t increase surface slip.

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