New water based epoxy functional silane oligomer with enhanced stability and sustainability
19 January 2023

BRB Silanil® 533 ESO, an epoxy functional silane oligomer containing gamma-glycidoxy groups and methoxy groups. It provides less emission of methyl alcohol upon hydrolysis, when comparing with monomeric epoxy silanes.

BRB Silanil® 533 ESO provides better stability of formulated water-based product than monomeric epoxy silanes due to less hydrolysis sensitivity of oligomeric structure and able to provide greater grafting efficiency on polymer chains containing amino, hydroxyl, or carboxyl functional group since higher content of epoxy groups per molecule when comparing with monomeric silanes.

BRB Silanil® 533 ESO find specific use in following application:-

Coupling agent in metallic pigment coatings - BRB Silanil® 533 ESO improves dispersion ability of metallic fillers or pigments in water-based system such as epoxy coatings containing zinc or other metallic pigments.

Crosslinker for polymer modification - BRB Silanil® 533 ESO uses to modify polymer structure by simple addition into polymerized water-based resins such as acrylic latexes as in post addition step. It is recommended to add directly into a resin, without the presence of other additives or pigments.

Adhesion promoter in coatings and adhesives - BRB Silanil® 533 ESO improves adhesion performance of coatings and adhesives on inorganic surfaces by post addition into solvent-based and water-based resins. It is recommended to directly add into a resin same as the application in crosslinker.

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