SpecialChem ranked hair care formulation “Brazilian Blowout” no. 2 Most Popular Formulations in 2021
24 January 2022

An innovative hair care formulation “Brazilian Blowout” has been selected and ranked no. 2 by SpecialChem among the Top 5 Most Popular Formulations in 2021. The dedicated and high experienced Technical Service Team for Personal Care, under Silicone Business Unit of BRB International B.V. (they are fondly known as ‘Angels Team’) has made this possible.

Brazilian Blowout is a leave-in liquid formulation that bonds to hair to create a protective layer around each strand, effectively diminishing frizz, sealing the cuticle, and providing armor against any external damage. It is a mild formulation and enables hair more manageable and provides semi-permanent hair straightening effect.

“Being around the most popular formulations within SpecialChem Cosmetics is a great satisfaction and recognition for the work done from our Tech Service Team to constantly support customers and distributors with new innovative formulations around our portfolio. Especially since the beginning of the pandemic situation, it has been a very challenging work and this is a good opportunity for me to thank the team and our local partners to have kept this enthusiasm in a challenging environment.” state Grégoire Amice, Global Market Manager for Personal Care.

Personal Care is BRB main market for its silicones portfolio and we constantly invest in people with a technical background to support our customers and distributors with new trendy formulations.

Please contact us at Personalcare@brbbv.com.

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