Job Applicants

Below is a table of the types of personal data we use when recruiting potential employees. We also explain why we use this personal data (the purpose) and on what lawful basis.

Type of personal data
Lawful basis
Curriculum Vitae, including First name/ Last name, Resume, Cover letter,
Employment history, ID card/ passport, Education, Qualifications, and skills,
Candidate assessment).
To assess your suitability for a particular job position.
Legitimate interest.
Contact details, such as your telephone number, e-mail address and home address.
To inform you about the application process.
Legitimate interest.
Correspondences with you.
To be able to consult our correspondence with you and for general administrative purposes.
Legitimate interest.
Pre-employment screening, such as a certificate of good conduct (VOG) or more extensive background checks.
To assess suitability for the position in the event the position requires a certain assurance about past performance and/or conduct.
Legitimate interest.

Application data of rejected applicants will be deleted in 4 weeks after the application process has been completed and the applicant has been informed of the outcome. If we want to keep your application data longer, we will ask you for permission.

When you are hired by us, we will keep the personal data for the duration of your employment with us, to demonstrate that you were suitable for the position when you were hired, to monitor your further development within the employment period and to determine what remuneration and additional benefits are appropriate in view of your professional experience and background.

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