BRB offers silicone-based system processing aids that control foam-intensive applications to improve safety, throughput and give benefits to the final product used by consumers.

BRB Akasil® range of foam control agents is the culmination of 35 years development into siloxane-based technology. The range offers superlative foam-control characteristics to treat susceptible processes and formulations spanning a breadth of applications. BRB Akasil® Antifoam range offers materials for use in water and solvent based, alongside solventless systems. All pack formats are catered for and would be delighted to advise best practice in terms of cost efficient dosing.

The Akasil® Antifoam TG and TS range offers the most cost-effective foam-kill in water-based technical processes where biological, chemical or physical effects result in undesirable levels of foaming. Lowest dosage rates and full miscibility with process-water keep your pipelines, pumps and process routes clear and free flowing. Akasil® Antifoam TG and TS range finds application in a host of end-uses including polymer recycling, biological digesters, process wash-water and final-stage effluents.

Akasil® Antifoam FD and PS series comprise siloxane emulsions at 10%, 20% and 30% activity. They are formulated for use in any applications where food processing considerations apply, for instance, vegetable and fruit washing, meat processing, in-line cleaning practice and food-grade adhesive formulation. Akasil® Antifoam FD and PS series meets the highest level of regulatory approval, for example FDA Title 21, CFR173.340, for use as a foodstuff process-aid and meets European H1, Kosher and Halal certification.

The Akasil® Antifoam RE range takes defoaming performance to new levels in processes where enhanced chemical resistance is required. These Akasil® Antifoam RE grades are widely employed in cleaning formulations, water-based processes within the chemical industry and scenarios where higher temperatures are encountered.

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