Silicone Elastomers

BRB, together with its subsidiary CSL Silicones Inc., offer extensive range of Silicone Elastomers for use as Silicone Elastomer Coatings for building & construction, electrical power transmission, electronics, chemical processing and transportation; Silicone Rubbers for mold making and Silicone Crosspolymer for personal care formulators.

Silicone Elastomers

Silicone Elastomeric Coatings for Construction, Electrical and Electronic

CSL Silicones Inc. (, from its inception in 1984 through to present day, has emerged as a globally recognised leader in the development of innovative Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) silicone materials, sciences and engineered application solutions. Our expertise in Silicone Elastomeric Coatings empowers CSL to deliver critical solutions to our clients in such diverse markets as building & construction, asset infrastructure, electric power transmission, electronics, chemical processing and transportation. The company's documented standing in both patented and proprietary silicone coatings technologies fuels future innovation responses necessary to meet tomorrow’s challenges, today.

CSL Silicones Inc. is a full subsidiary of BRB International BV since 2019.

Silicone Rubbers for Mold Making

BRB Neomold RTV range of moldmaking silicone rubbers are liquid type, Tin-cured (condensation) room temperature vulcanized silicone rubbers. They have exceptional working properties and library life. This range offers different grades in hardness, viscosity, tear and tensile strength.

BRB offers two grades: BRB Neomold RTV 710 (10-15 shoreA hardness) and BRB Neomold RTV 725 (22-25 shoreA hardness).

This range is suitable for a variety of industrial and art applications including making molds to reproduce prototypes, furniture, sculpture, concrete, plaster, gypsum, fiber glass, wax/candle crafts, toys, soap, artificial stones, cement decoration, GRC and GRG. BRB also offers food product items that resist high temperature where food grade is not required.

Silicone Crosspolymer for Personal Care

Conventional thickening agents have never been compatible with silicone formulations, and silicone crosspolymers are materials developed to overcome these problems, to deliver the right rheology and sensory attributes.

These silicone elastomers are based on crosslinked dimethicone in the form of swollen gels using silicone fluids as carrier.

They are used as thickening agent, often without heating, in the preparation of water-in-silicone formulations. Their inherent compatibility with various lipophilic active ingredients (perfumes, UV-filters or vitamins) allowed them to act as stabilising agents. They provide non-greasy and light silky skin feel and they reduce tackiness of formulations. Thus, they are widely used in skin care, hair care, color cosmetics, antiperspirants and sunscreen formulations.

BRB offers an extremely versatile range of silicone crosspolymers for Personal Care formulators.

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