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How we got there

In 1981, BRB International BV started as a one man business in Ittervoort. Thirty years later, it has become a multinational with sales above 120 million Euros, winning the Jan Huygen van Linschoten Export Award in 2011.

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The spirit of innovation

R&D at BRB is focused on new product development in response to market trends and our customers’ demand. In addition, improvements on process efficiency and safety are also initiated by R&D. Our goal is to offer a high level of flexibility to enable the quick development of countertypes and new products, even with small target volumes.

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Our mission statement

To be a leading supplier, through an ambitious attitude, integrity, customer focus, quality in service and in products, committed to the business and its people. By using this unique combination of innovative thinking and a conservative mentality, a basis for stability, security and growth is formed.

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A unique player in the value chain

BRB International BV is a Dynamic and Innovative company that has an extensive experience of and a long history in the fields of Silicones, Additives, Chemicals and Lubricants. BRB International BV is now of its kind, one of the largest independent and privately owned companies in the world.

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BRB's new SilanilĀ® 307

N-(2-aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyl-methyldimethoxysilane BRB Silanil® 307 is a reactive chemical containing a diaminofunctional group and a methyldimethoxysilyl inorganic group which is used…

BRB 5446 formulation

During In-Cosmetics 2014 Hamburg we launched our new Quaternium microemulsion used in (premium) hair care products. We emphasized our BRB…

BRB launches its new corporate movie!

Flexibility, Ambition and Innovation: these are the key values that guided BRB International throughout the years to evolve from a…

BRB International is present at the 26th ELGI AGM in Croatia

BRB LAC will be present at the 26th ELGI Annual General Meeting in Dubrovnik - Croatia, from 26-29 April 2014.

BRB Central and Eastern Europe has been awarded!

We are proud to announce that BRB Central Eastern Europe has been awarded with the title of Gaezelle of Business…

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