BRB masters the necessary technologies to cover the essential needs of building and construction industry. Under its Siloen® and Silanil® brands, BRB offers a broad spectrum of materials under different forms (ready to use silane and oligomers, solvent dilutable concentrate, water-based emulsion, silanes based creams as well as dry powders) to bring long lasting weathering protection, reduced water absorption and beading effect to concrete, cement natural stone, gypsum, plaster and mortars as well as exterior and interiors paint. Silanil® silane also help in improving mechanical performance of polymer used in the building industries. Furthermore Silanil® silane range offers excellent hydrophobic effects on different surfaces, substrates and materials.

Silicone-silane based technologies bring a wide tool box of solutions to the building industries:
  • Water repellency
  • Breathability
  • UV resistance
  • Resistance to chemical corrosion
  • Depth of penetration long lasting protection
  • Stop growth of fungus, lichens and salt stains
  • Nor or limited impact on the appearance of treated substrate
  • Defoaming and/or abrasion resistance to water-based dispersion Deco Paint
Silane technology also brings other benefits:
  • Substrate adhesion
  • Polymer modification (crosslinker to improve mechanical performances)
  • Filler treatment (compatibility into polymer, reinforcing, water-repellency)
BRB is actively serving all the segments of the Construction Chemicals market:
  • Concrete dry mix
  • Plaster and Mortar
  • Precast building material:
  • Gypsumboard, gypsum block, fiber cement boards, clay bricks

  • Glasswool and rockwoll
  • Lightweight insulating materials (perlite, vermiculite, etc.)
  • Decorative paint
  • Polymers & Polymer dispersions
  • Filler-Pigment treatment
Building and construction market can take advantage of the following solutions provided by BRB:
  • Silane-Siloxane formulation solvent dilutable or waterbased emulsion forms
  • Silane based powders and Silane based creams
  • Silane olygomers
  • Silicone Emulsions
  • Methylsiliconate
  • Silicone Antifoam
  • Silanes

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